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The Answers You Need

Is the procedure safe?

We use a state of the art digital machine.  The parts that are in contact with our clients and the needles that penetrate the skin are all pre-sterile from the manufacturer and are medical grade.  All other aspects of our procedures are hygienic and maintained to safety standard.

Is there any down time?

While everyone reacts differently, mild swelling and/or bruising can be expected for the first few days.  At first, the pigment will appear too dark.  Eyebrows and eyeliner are basically healed and true to tone in about 7-10 days.  Lips go through a different process and become more vibrant after 3-4 weeks. Aftercare instructions and supplies are provided with each appointment.  

Does it hurt?

A 2-step topical anesthetic, designed for the sensitive facial area is used prior to and during all permanent makeup procedures to maximize your comfort. Every person has an individual pain threshold.  There are circumstances that may exacerbate discomfort such as being near or during your menstrual cycle, recent head/sinus cold, etc.

How long does it last?

Individual skin tone, sun exposure, and exfoliating skin care products can affect pigment retention.  Some people may choose to have their color enhanced within 1-3 years after the initial procedure to retain a fresh look. 

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